Wheel end assembly system

Automatic assembly systems for wheel end manufacturing models increase efficiency and at the same time optimise personnel deployment. They reach their "break even point" in the first manufacturing years and therefore are true cost savers. Data that have to be documented are automatically assigned to the component. 

Fully automated system

Different wheel end models are manufactured in sequence on the same assembly line. First, the steering knuckles are identified using the component lists (generated with customer orders processed in SAP) and handed over to a transportation system. Further components are conveyed to the system either directly or through magazines according to the model that is being assembled, where they are identified. Then they are matched with the resulting data (torque, rotational angle, joining force, etc.) after being built in. 


  • reduced labour input
  • less ergonomically challenging work
  • high output
  • transparent processes
  • close to the customer
  • high availability

The components are heavy and usually cast as one piece. That means that the tolerance margins that have to be considered are wider. The system can safely and automatically handle high pressing forces (> 20KN) and torques (> 1000 Nm).

Typical cycle time approx. 1 min.