Joining and connecting with bolts

Bolting is one of the key methods used in assembly and alignment systems. AuE's expertise lies in designing tools and integrating spindles. From the manual to the fully automated bolting station, AuE offers customized solutions for a broad range of the most diverse bolting tasks.

Typical bolting tasks:

  • Bolting together pins and nuts
  • Setting eccentric screws
  • Locking nuts
  • Placing blind rivets
  • Simple joining tasks

Especially in fully automated and semi-automatic units, AuE applies its decades of experience in joining and connecting technology. For example, we've already integrated up to 18 screw spindles in fully automated bolting machines with a cycle time of approx. 1 minute. Even for places that are difficult to reach, we've developed ergonomic and thrifty solutions. The units designed by AuE are space-saving, offer process safety, are rugged, and in European sites, generally are more economical.

The right bolting programme is selected and initiated automatically, the bolting parameters are monitored, and the bolted location is allocated and documented. The screw spindles are wound and the spindle automatically finds the threaded axle and adjusts itself automatically. Special, process-reliable component groups were developed for greater torques as well.

AuE uses bolting technology from the most varied manufacturers in the component group assembly lines of Audi, BMW, Daimler, GM, Skoda, VW, and their suppliers Benteler, ThyssenKrupp and ZF, among others.

Fully automatic station
Semi-automatic station
Manual device