Decoupling modules

Decoupling modules

Decoupling modules serve as interim storage for workpieces and decouple work processes or couple areas with different manufacturing processes. They often separate areas with make-to-stock production from areas with sequential assembly. Moreover, they are also used as central logistic element in component manufacturing.

At the inlet side, the workpieces are taken over from the previous assembly line, identified and stored according to type. At the outlet side, the orders (bumped forward by a higher-level computer system) are handed over to peripheral units (robots, belts, shuttles, etc.). The inlet and outlet can consist of one or more stations.


  • Compact
  • Central storage
  • High redundancy
  • Close to the customer

The systems stand out as they support individual cycle times, storage capacities, weight, and component geometries. Fully automated decoupling modules by AuE are used for cylinder head and crankcase manufacturing at BMW, for gearbox and axle manufacturing at Daimler, for crank shaft manufacturing at Feuer Powertrain, for cylinder head manufacturing at VW Chemnitz, and for camshaft manufacturing at VW Salzgitter.

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