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Fully automatic TREAD ASSISTANT test system for wheels and wheel sets

The TREAD ASSISTANT is the first system worldwide that allows the fully automatic non-contact wear measurement of wheels and wheel sets of passing trains.
The innovative laser measurement technology prevents downtimes, reduces the measurement time by 50 % compared to manual measurement methods, and saves up to 30 % on spare parts costs.

The TREAD ASSISTANT was developed by the industry experts at nowa3k GmbH. The patented, combined laser/light section method allows for fast and precise evaluation of wheel wear while the train is passing or inside the depot. For AuE Kassel, the innovative test system is the perfect addition to the alignment and measurement systems in the automotive sector.

Automatic measurement and documentation of:

  • wheel flange height, thickness and width
  • wheel width
  • running tread diameter
  • wheel ridge clearance, etc.

Within 120 seconds, the system compares the measured data to the saved set values and provides the basis for efficient and reliable maintenance scheduling. The system's sturdy sensor housings are mounted directly on the rail. No special rails or changes to the superstructure are necessary.

The advantages at a glance

  • precise and fast measurement results
  • early detection of damage
  • preventive and predictive maintenance
  • low investment costs, quick system setup low operating costs (no downtimes of the train), automatic vehicle identification, automatic measurement, logging and evaluation
  • powerful SQL database

The TREAD ASSISTANT is more than a computerized measurement system. Designed as a flexible technology platform from the very beginning, it can be complemented with a remote control functionality, different bogie-mounted components can be integrated and it can be used together with wheel load control or vibration monitoring devices.

Main system features

  • measuring speed 5-15 km/h
  • center-to-center distance accuracy ± 0.75 mm, tread dimension accuracy ± 0.2 mm
  • test process suitability according to VDA5 = 0.3
  • wheel track 950 to 1676 mm
  • measurement range 450 to 920 mm
  • measurement triggered manually or by transponder

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