Certified quality and environmental awareness in the manufacturing industry

As a manufacturing company for the automotive industry and its suppliers, we are committed to systematic quality management, to observing and fulfilling customer wishes, to a responsible approach to the environment and to an open information policy.

We use the recognized quality assurance measures as they are also used in the automotive industry. Through continuous improvement processes and closed control loops, our knowledge is constantly growing - to the benefit of our customers.

This not only promotes product quality, but also counteracts the constant increase in costs for personnel, capital and materials. In this way we improve the competitiveness of our company and at the same time we are a reliable and flexible partner for our customers.


To meet these requirements, we have established a comprehensive quality and environmental management system. It meets the requirements of the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and the requirements of the automotive guideline VDA 6.4:2005, it is integrated and in use throughout the company.

Management responsibility

The management ensures that the objectives are in line with the company's environmental policy. The environmental management
objectives are communicated to employees through notices, emails or presentations.

Furthermore, the management is responsible for achieving the environmental goals in time stages through correct implementation in the office and workshop operations. The totality of all individual goals should contribute to the realization of the environmental policy of the Strama-MPS group of companies.


In addition to the cornerstones of our environmental policy …

  • Avoid

  • Reduce

  • Responsibility



    further principles apply to us:

    • Increase and sharpen the awareness of the environment and responsibility as well as the motivation of the employees with regard to environmental protection
    • Obligation to comply with all statutory environmental and occupational safety regulations, as well as municipal regulations
    • Continuous improvement of the working conditions of our employees as well as the adjustment of the working conditions with regard to occupational safety in the company
    • Reduction of waste and saving of raw materials and resources
    • Reduction of environmental impacts through the use of appropriate manufacturing processes, as well as emergency and precautionary measures.
    • Continuous improvement not only within the framework of quality management but additionally with regard to environmental protection