Quality and environment

As a company that manufactures for the automotive industry and its suppliers, we pledge to have a systematic approach to quality management, to consider and grant customer requests, to treat the environment with respect, and to pursue an open information policy.

We use the same approved quality assurance measures as the automotive industry. Our knowledge steadily grows from day to day thanks to continuous improvement processes and closed loop systems – all to the advantage of our customers.

This way, we not only improve product quality, but also counterbalance the constantly rising expenses for personnel, capital, and material. As a result, our company is more competitive and at the same time we can be a reliable and flexible partner for our customers.

In order to be up to par, we have set up a comprehensive quality and environmental management system. It meets the requirements set down in the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 2008 and the guideline for the automotive industry VDA 6.4:2005, which have been integrated and are applied throughout the company.

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