Environmental policy

The management and management representatives determine and authorise the environmental goals of AuE Kassel GmbH. 
The content of these goals is determined by statutory regulations, the environmental impact of the materials used and emissions, and pollution control.

Accountability of the management

The management is responsible for ensuring that the goals are in line with the company's environmental policy. The environmental management goals are communicated to the employees through a notice board, by e-mail, or in presentations.

Moreover, the management is also responsible for ensuring that the environmental goals are reached within determined periods of time by implementing them correctly in the office and shop operations. The idea is that the sum of all individual goals will help implement the environmental policy of the Strama-MPS Group.


In addition to our environmental policy ...

  • Prevention
  • Reduction
  • Responsibility

... we are also guided by the following principles:

  • Increase and encourage awareness and a sense of responsibility for the environment and motivate our employees to protect the environment
  • Commitment to observe all statutory environmental and occupational regulations as well as local laws
  • Constant improvement of our employees' working conditions and aligning the working conditions with the occupational safety requirements in the company
  • Reduce waste and save raw materials and resources
  • Reduce the impact on the environment by using suitable manufacturing methods as well as adequate emergency and prevention measures
  • Continuous improvement not only in terms of quality management, but also in terms of environmental protection