Alignment & measuring

State-of-the-art alignment systems for cars

AuE Kassel GmbH is the global market leader for the alignment and measuring of multi-link, front, and rear axles of cars. Far more than one hundred systems all around the world simulate real conditions for the behaviour with different load profiles and changing dynamics for both the pre-alignment and end-of-line phases.

Benefit from maximum flexibility

A modern chassis is a technological masterpiece. Individually matched to the vehicle type, and integrated into the vehicle's electronic system, it is the basis for safety and perfect roadholding. Increasing complexity also calls for equally fine-tuned measurement and alignment equipment for the track, camber, and caster angle, including axial run-out and ABS testing. In turn, the variety of versions demands maximum flexibility. 

Depending on the requirements on the degree of automation, AuE Kassel supplies the following systems to pre-align the axles: