Fully automatic alignment

Fully automatic alignment technology

Fully automatic alignment systems by AuE for multi-link axles are the most variegated when it comes to combining the test criteria. You can use them in high-volume production of a single type, but they are also flexible enough for varying types. In-line alignment systems by AuE Kassel guarantee the shortest cycle times at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The fully automatic alignment systems are available:

  • as overhead machines, where the axle is lifted directly above the conveyor belt and aligned
  • or as bed versions with robot loading.

You can determine how many criteria you want to have tested or aligned according to your requirements. These are the most typical criteria tested in practice:

  • Track and camber setting (basic) static or with spring deflection
  • Caster angle measurement and alignment
  • Axial run-out measurement
  • ABS sensor testing
  • Articulating angle testing for gear or prop shafts
  • Filling and fill level control of pneumatic springs

The alignment system automatically lifts the axle from the workpiece carrier, holds it in place at the same attachment points as in the vehicle body, and aligns it in the position it would have in the vehicle. Then, the movement cycles are simulated dynamically. The components then settle into their final positions and the tolerances, for example of rubber bearings, shift to their installed positions.

The subsequent fully automatic alignments or measurements ensure that the overall axle system functions properly. All alignment and measuring results are archived for evaluation and documentation purposes. Feedback from the vehicle assembly line (automated or with manually input offsets), combined with statistical analyses, guarantee a constant and continuous improvement of the initial success rate.

System properties:

  • Programmable stress / spring simulation  
  • Programmable pulse strokes 
  • Programmable alignment values
  • Programmable counter torque 
  • Cycle time approx. 60 s (overhead machine)
  • Initial success rate* > 95 %


Among others, Audi, BMW, Daimler, GM, Skoda, VW, and their suppliers Benteler, ThyssenKrupp, or ZF use fully automatic alignment systems by AuE.

*the final setting is achieved without requiring further adjustments in the vehicle

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