Manual alignment

Manual alignment technology

Manual alignment equipment by AuE for multi-link axles is primarily used in non-series and low-volume production. With its low investment costs, this equipment sustainably supports optimization processes.

For example, you can use it

  • for product and process development
  • as a control measurement tool
  • as an emergency strategy for the series
  • as a quality gateway for small and micro series

By measuring and subsequently aligning the axle you can compensate the main influential variables arising from component tolerances. Therefore, investing in manual alignment equipment is an inexpensive alternative to tight tolerance restrictions on axle components. Product developers and planers can assess the real behaviour of the entire axle system in the manufacturing process and derive the necessary measures.

Later in the series, you can also additionally validate the alignment. Furthermore, you can use manual alignment equipment in series production as a back-up for fully automatic or semi-automatic systems or as a quality gateway for the assembly process in micro series. 

Thanks to its low mechanical, electrical, and also measuring complexity, this equipment is inexpensive, easy to use, and can be easily modified for subsequent types. To use the equipment, we place the component onto the fixtures with the help of lifting gear and then manually measure and align it in its designed configuration. Optionally, we can also simulate the stress the component is exposed to in the vehicle.

System properties

  • Cycle time approx. 5 min
  • Initial success rate* approx. 60..75 %  

Among others, BMW, GM-Huizhong, Mazda-FAW, and VW use manual alignment equipment by AuE.

*the final setting is achieved without requiring further adjustments in the vehicle

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