Semi-automatic alignment

Semi-automatic alignment technology

The semi-automatic alignment systems by AuE for multi-link axles are mostly used in medium-volume production, keeping the cost of labour at a moderate level. The degree of automation can be determined according to customer requirements.

The semi-automatic alignment systems by AuE are suitable for: 

  • medium-volume production
  • low labour costs
  • top quality needs
  • a medium investment level

Usually, the system operator handles the axle and adjusts the track and camber manually. The system helps by simulating the conditions in the vehicle automatically. A high variety of handling, tightening, and data management options guarantee maximum profitability and high quality.

Key parameters:

  • Mounting position adjustment (as-designed or tare weight position)
  • Simulation of vehicle-specific, dynamic stress  
  • Simulation of settling behaviour (e.g. caused by tolerances, rubber bearing pre-stress)
  • Optional axial run-out measurement

System properties:

  • Cycle time approx. 2...4 min
  • Initial success rate* approx. 90..95 %  

Among others, VK AG, TRW-FAW, and Daimler AG (BBAC) use semi-automatic alignment systems by AuE.

*the final setting is achieved without requiring further adjustments in the vehicle

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