Assembly & testing

Assembly machines for axle and axle components

AuE is a highly sought-after partner when it comes to designing and building assembly machines. Our assembly machines for front and rear axles, track rod pre-assembly, suspension struts, wheel supports, centre modules, or gearboxes are used all over the world. They are used in all areas from manual work stations to fully automated systems. 

Benefit from comprehensive process expertise

Many influencing variables have presented new challenges to assembly technology in the past years. As the components in vehicle manufacturing are highly complex, and they also come in an enormous diversity of variants in varying quantities, productivity is the top priority.

Furthermore, the integration of JIT and JIS processes as well as the increased demands on safety and documentation require engineers to have in-depth process expertise.

The assembly technology for axle and axle components calls for peak performance when it comes to process know-how, precision, and process safety. The main reason for this is that the behaviour of an axle in partly-assembled state differs significantly from the CAD model.

Nevertheless, in the final assembly state, the axle must have the exact same geometry that was specified by the chassis designer. That's why integrating testing and checking facilities into the assembly line is crucial for planning.

AuE designs, develops, and implements axle assembly lines for: 


Wheel head


Assembly of tractors and agriculture machines


Assembly line for motorcycles