Motorcycle assembly lines

AuE's motorcycle assembly lines are highly customized solutions for a broad range of individual work steps. They can be fully automated or semi-automated solutions. Either way, they help to reduce the number of ergonomically complex tasks.

Linked assembly lines for rear axle gears

The rear axle gear pre-assembly line is an assembly line that is linked with automatic conveyors. The stations can be expanded individually and be integrated flexibly into the line according to the assembly sequence.

Typical assembly steps:

  • friction coefficient measurement of bearings
  • iterative pinion nut bolting with friction coefficient measurement
  • hydraulic joining processes for bearings
  • rotary shaft seals
  • inductive heating for the joining process and automatic bolting stations with automatic bolt feed

A special feature of the system is that it connects manual, semi-automatic and automatic assembly stations.

The line's cycle time is approx. 110 s and it has an availability of 98.5 %.

BMW uses the AuE rear axle gear assembly unit in its factory in Berlin.

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