Gearbox assembly and disassembly

The large diversity of variants and the complexity of gearbox modules make integrated measuring and testing facilities absolutely necessary during assembly. AuE designs and implements partial processes such as joining, pressing, bolting, and measuring as well as complete vehicle gearbox assembly lines for prestigious automotive manufacturers. 

Benefit from thoroughgoing quality assurance

Typical subprocesses in a gearbox assembly line:

  • Pressing in bearings or bearing components
  • Pressing in gaskets
  • Assembly of add-on groups (shift fork, clutches, sensors, etc.)
  • Meshing devices
  • Measuring distances to optimize backlash
  • Sealing off the assembly, including leak test

A high diversity of variants and often rough external contours make it necessary to use variable stations. As the average cycle time is three to five minutes, combinations of manual and automated subprocesses are the rule. Traceability and error prevention (for example with Poka Yoke) are of essence for each assembly step.

A transmission assembly line usually is made up of the following components: 

  • Transportation system
  • Workpiece carrier  
  • Manual work stations
  • Semi-automated work stations
  • Fully automated work stations 

AuE transmission assembly lines are used in the VW factory in Baunatal, among others.

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