Track rods

Track rod assembly on the steering gear

The external joints are positioned, aligned and later adjusted to the steering wheel position on an installation for track rod assembly on the steering gear. Right-hand as well as left-hand steering wheels are adjusted to the default setting with little room for tolerance. The lock nuts to fasten the external joints are tightened with a predefined pre-counter torque. Naturally, all data on quality is stored.

The advantage: specialized in automotive

The steering gear is placed in a receptacle and affixed. A device removes the protective cap from the thread of the track rod. On both sides of the steering gear receptacle, there are turning units in which the external joints are clamped. These turning units are adjusted to the track rod with a carriage. The turning motion screws the external joints to their predefined position on the track rod. An adjustable screw spindle with open geared offset head is used to tighten the lock nut with a pre-counter torque.

System properties:

  • Cycle time: 45 s
  • Pre-counter torque 10 Nm
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 1 mm
  • Position of external joints: ± 5 °

AuE track rod assembly systems are used by Audi in Neckarsulm, for example.

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