Assembly systems for tractor production

Semi-automatic assembly systems for tractor production are mainly used in areas where manual intervention is needed. They increase efficiency at relatively low investment costs. Their rugged design and long durability is quite impressive.

Semi-automatic gearbox assembly

At the beginning of the assembly process, the gear cases are placed and fastened to the fixtures of the assembly carts. The parts that are to be integrated are previously picked and put into kitting boxes. Then they are transferred to the assembly carts and the sequence begins. The gear cases and assembly components are transported to the individual stations as required, where they are assembled. Once assembled, a worker hands the gearbox over for the next sequence. Auxiliary tools (screwdrivers, joining tools, assembly tools, etc.) are available at each station for the individual steps. All tools are provided and controlled from the central control cabinet.


  • optimises ergonomically challenging work
  • shorter overall cycle time
  • reduces the strain on employees

With the self-propelled workpiece carriers with rotating fixtures the workpieces are positioned perfectly for the assembly.

The systems have cycle times below 5 minutes and a technical availability of more than 95 %.

Daimler uses semi-automatic assembly systems, weight class > 300 kg, in its axle assembly line and John Deer uses them for gear assembly.

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