MonFlex AGV

Flexible assembly with AGV

MonFlex® is a highly flexible AGV (automated guided vehicle) system. We use it to flexibly design commissioning and assembly shops that can be interlinked according to your requirements.

In its highest upgrade level, the AGV master computer actively plans the routes and directs traffic. It communicates with the vehicles in real time via WiFi. This way, functions such as the blocking device and electronic drawbar are effectuated directly. Automation stations are connected with TCP/IP interfaces.

Power is transmitted with a contact-free pickup system. Additionally, the AVGs are equipped with a 24V battery pack. With the optical track guide, the route is quick and easy to change.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions 1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m
  • Load capacity of up to 400 kg, total weight max. 800 kg
  • Power supply: inductive coupling with additional 
battery pack for 5 hours of operation in power-saving mode
  • Control: CoDeSys
  • External communication with WiFi: TCP/IP protocol
  • Track guidance with optical camera
  • Positioning precision of 3 mm on the x-axis and the y-axis
  • Great range of speed: 1.5 m/min - 27 m/min
  • Curve radius ≥ 1m
  • Safety scanner with changeable safety areas
  • Visualisation of the vehicle status with a touch screen display (optional)
  • Parametrization of route information with visualisation (optional)
  • Fork lift pockets for easy lifting/transportation of the AVG with a fork lift / lift truck
  • Protection class IP 54

Route example:

  • Interlinking several assembly areas
  • Active "switch controller" route planning
  • AVG coupled with "electronic drawbar"
  • Real-time recognition and visualisation of the AVG's status

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