Shuttle pallets

Shuttle pallets

Shuttle pallets are the next step in the evolution of conventional conveying technology. They are highly energy-efficient and can convey goods over long distances and on customizable routes. You can use them to automatically transport components or as a transport vehicle for assembly tasks.


  • reduced labour input
  • high redundancy
  • low power consumption
  • individual routes

A higher-level control system generates the individual transportation tasks based on customer orders. The shuttle pallets go to the hand-over points, take up the workpieces and transport them to their respective destinations according to the instructions of the transportation tasks. The shuttle and the transportation route are freely customizable and can be adapted to the respective transportation task. The shuttle is propelled by a mechatronic drive unit.

Shuttle pallets weigh 125 kg. At this expansion level, they can transport material weighing up to 300 kg. The pallet accelerates with 0.5 m/secĀ² to a variable speed that can be adjusted to between 1.5 and 18 m/min and positions its load with a precision of +/-1 mm.

Shuttle pallets are currently in use at Daimler to deliver materials to the work stations.

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